Riebel, Round 3: Everything’s Alright

[Jeffrey Riebel is 89, Kelly Riebel is 51, Cory Riebel is 36, Ted Riebel is 36, Matthew Riebel is 12] Continue reading

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Pellham, Round 3: Moving Forward










[Elinor Pellham is 86, Kurt Pellham is 36, Marie Drysdale is 32] Continue reading

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Round 2 Outtakes

Ouchie. Cody’s been having to cook  now that he’s moved out. Lance doesn’t know how, and we all know Lilia won’t be cooking for the family. Continue reading

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Round 3 ROS

This round we’ll be having 5 households, and since 5/3 rounds up to 2, 2 ROS!

1. Party! (Roll for beach, pool, house, birthday, sleepover, or wedding)

– Rolled up a beach party, which should be fun!

2. Death by car accident!

– NO. NO NO NO NO NO. WHY why would I ever put this in there what was I even thinking I am going to go back in time and punch myself in the face for putting deaths in the ROS. Humph. It probably wouldn’t be so annoying if I rolled someone else.

Sigh. I knew this would be happening eventually but I still don’t like it! Also it’s someone I like a lot too, which sucks! I’m pretty sure I have no elder deaths coming up though, so at least the one should be all barring me being unable to take care of my sims.

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Round 2 Summary

I’m stealing the little census at the bottom from a couple other sites, most of which are linked in the sidebar. I’m hoping that fairly soon we can have our first pregnancy, simply because I’m curious to see how I’m going to deal with that and I will never get around to it until someone gets pregnant. Also sorry I was lazy this week and rather than putting this and the ROS mid-week so there’d be another Friday update, I decided to make these the Friday update.

Also looking at the 15 total residents seems so silly when I go over to Sullivan or wherever else and their totals are 100+. Crazy! I don’t ever want to have 100! (If I do I’ll probably stop playing some families and let them be ‘townies’ because honestly I don’t think I could keep track of 100 without going insane, not to mention how long rounds would be)

Nolan Pluck: Child -> Teenager


Hugh Pellham: Old Age


Total Population:
Infants: 0
Toddlers: 0
Children: 2
Teenagers: 1
Young Adults: 6
Adults: 1
Elders: 5
Total: 15

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Riebel 2, Round 2: Awake

[Cliff Riebel is 34] Continue reading

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Pluck, Round 2: Old Habits

[Thaddeus Pluck is 79, Kimberly is 76, Nolan is 10, Lucas is 6] Continue reading

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